Our Story

Listen to Sara, President and Owner of Altra Dry, and some of our staff, as we talk about our history, passion, and ongoing commitment to honor our legacy for providing an exceptional, unique, family-oriented service that stands out among many others, as intended by our founder. With education as a primary focus and anchor to what we do, we aim to serve you, our clients the best way possible.

Who Are We?

We Are Altra Dry

Altra Dry was started in 1988 by the late Larry Conley. With passion for family and finding the best way to help customers, his business was born.

Sara Conley, Larry’s Daughter, took over the company in 2013 with the same passion for family, community, and education.

Through growth and development, 36 years later it is now a second-generation, full-service restoration and waterproofing company serving customers the right way.

When any disaster strikes in your home or business, know that Altra Dry has the experience and compassion to ensure that your property is restored safely and completely.

This is our passion and our calling. Let us take care of you.

Meet the Altra Dry Team

Sara Conley Family Photo Close Up

Sara Conley


In 1988 my dad, Larry Conley, started his adventure of entrepreneurship. In 2013 Dad got diagnosed with cancer for the second time and could no longer work. With the same passion for family, community, and education I took over the company.

Today, I am proud to continue my father’s legacy as a second-generation, full-service restoration and waterproofing company.

This is my passion and my calling. I love taking care of people.

Aaron Burke Family Photo

Aaron Burke

Crew Chief

In 2021 Aaron came to Altra Dry looking for a change. With no knowledge of the restoration field, he soaked in everything he could. He is now a seasoned restorer with the ability to handle anything thrown at him. Aaron is a devoted husband and father to FIVE BOYS!

Altra Dry Holli Poe

Holli Poe

Crew Chief

Holli came to Altra Dry with a vast knowledge of the restoration industry and the desire to learn more. Her attention to detail and compassion for people made her an immediate asset to Altra Dry. She is also a basketball fanatic. In 2023 she took that passion to start the Indiana Legions, Henry County’s men’s ABA basketball team.

Brandon Denny Family Photo Love Sculpture

Brandon Denny

Crew Chief

Brandon has experienced all the highs and lows of Altra Dry, being the Veteran employee. He started in 2017 as we were just finding our footing. Many years later Brandon is our Crawlspace Expert, with knowledge of all Altra Dry services. He is the father to 5 beautiful Children. He spends his family time enjoying the outdoors, fishing, 4 wheeling, and camping.

Starbuck Clements Photo

Starbuck Clements

Crew Chief

As many ask, yes that’s his God-given name! You don’t get more country than Starbuck! Lifted Ford rangers and deer hunting is his game! He has been part of the team for about a year. Starting at 19 years old he is one of the youngest ever employees. We all take pride in helping Starbuck grow both in work and in life.

Lacey Langdon

Lacey Langdon

Office Staff

In 2022 during a major company refocus Lacey came on board to just fill in some gaps part time. She quickly found passion as Altra Dry’s business development representative and has never looked back. Lacey and her husband Jimmy have 3 amazing, wild children.

Billy Cross with daughter photo

Billy Cross

Office Assistant

With experience in the restoration field, Billy came on board in 2024. When calling the office, you will likely hear Billy answering the phones. As our Administrator, he strives to keep us all on track and juggling the many tasks we throw at him. He is a single father to a beautiful daughter. Off the clock, you can usually find him playing basketball or spending time with family.

Altra Dry Mascot


Future Restoration Expert

Definitely not our wisest or most experienced restorer yet, this amazing and super adorable crew member will encapuslate you with his charm!

Making Daddy Aaron really proud, Kayzen is ready to get to work in his official Altra Dry uniform. He may get “wet” in it often but as with everyone in our team, nobody dries faster!

Lacey Langdon Baby


Future Restoration Expert

Lacey’s newest bundle of joy is a super addition to our growing team. Daddy Jimmy definitely has his hands full!

This little crew chief will surely make sure your home or office stays dry and mold free in the future years to come.

Altra Dry is so blessed to have a great crew and family!

Altradry Complaint-Free Year 2023

Years in Business



Better Business Bureau recognizes Altra Dry for upholding BBB’s Standards for Trust which helped achieve a complaint-free record in 2023. 

Altra Dry has been a BBB Accredited Business since 2006.

Happy Altradry customer
Altra Dry IICRC

Altra Dry is IICRC Certified

In the dynamic landscape of professional inspection, cleaning, restoration, and remediation services, excellence isn’t just an aspiration—it’s a necessity. Clients demand and deserve service providers who not only meet but exceed industry standards with unwavering integrity and technical proficiency. For Altra Dry, the journey towards excellence culminated in the attainment of Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) credentials, signifying a commitment to unparalleled quality and professionalism.

The Role of the IICRC: Setting the Bar for Excellence

The IICRC stands as a beacon of quality and integrity in the industry—a non-profit organization dedicated to certification and standard setting. Its mission extends beyond mere accreditation; it aims to establish and uphold rigorous standards across professional inspection, cleaning, restoration, and remediation service industries. By promoting ethics, effective communication, and technical proficiency, the IICRC ensures that practitioners adhere to the highest standards of service delivery.

Altra Dry’s Quest for Excellence: A Testament to Dedication

Altra Dry’s journey towards IICRC certification was guided by a steadfast commitment to excellence. Through rigorous training and examination, the company earned certifications in pivotal areas, including:

  1. Applied Structural Drying: Mastery of techniques to restore water-damaged structures efficiently and effectively.
  2. Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration: Expertise in mitigating the impact of fire and smoke damage, restoring properties to their pre-loss condition.
  3. Trauma & Crime Scene Cleanup: Specialized training to handle sensitive situations with empathy and professionalism, prioritizing safety and thoroughness.
  4. Odor Control: Proficiency in identifying and eliminating odors at their source, leaving spaces fresh and clean.
  5. Water Damage Restoration: Comprehensive knowledge and skills to mitigate water damage promptly and minimize further loss.

Upholding Ethical Standards and Technical Proficiency

By obtaining IICRC certification, Altra Dry reaffirms its commitment to ethical conduct, effective communication, and technical mastery. This commitment extends to every facet of the company’s operations, ensuring that clients receive services of the highest quality and integrity.

A Legacy of Excellence: Delivering Beyond Expectations

In the pursuit of IICRC certification, Altra Dry has not only elevated its own standards but also set a precedent for excellence within the industry. Through adherence to the IICRC’s rigorous standards and unwavering dedication to professionalism, Altra Dry stands as a beacon of quality and integrity in the field of restoration and remediation services. Clients can trust Altra Dry to deliver unparalleled service, backed by a commitment to excellence that transcends expectations.

Conclusion: A Partnership Built on Trust and Excellence

As Altra Dry continues its journey of excellence, it remains steadfast in its commitment to delivering exceptional service to every client. By upholding the principles of integrity, professionalism, and technical proficiency embodied by the IICRC, Altra Dry sets the standard for excellence in the industry. With each restoration project undertaken, Altra Dry reaffirms its dedication to exceeding expectations and restoring peace of mind for clients in their time of need.

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