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Sewage damage in a crawl spaceNo one enjoys a sewage leak. Sewage is typically carried away from the house through swift-moving pipes, but if those pipes were to fail, the sewage will wind up wherever the damage is. Repairing a sewage pipe that has failed is a very messy and dangerous job, and should only be handled by a trained and certified professional. Altra Dry will make doubly sure that your home is safe after the repairs have been performed. This situation becomes even more of a challenge to take care of if the break in the sewage pipe occurred in your home’s crawlspace, resulting in crawlspace sewage that needs to be cleaned up, repaired, and sanitized right away to ensure that everything is safe.

What is Crawlspace Sewage?

Many homes have a space underneath them, called the crawlspace, which typically has utilities like wiring and plumbing pipes running through it. The sewage pipes from your toilets, showers, washing machines, dishwashers, and sinks carry the wastewater and sewage through the pipes from your house and to the sewer. If one of these pipes breaks in your crawlspace, it creates crawlspace sewage. The sewage can drip, spray, or gush into your crawlspace, creating not only a major plumbing problem to deal with but also a very serious health hazard. The fumes from the raw sewage in the crawlspace can cause people to become sick, and it’s not safe to use any of your toilets until the pipes have been properly repaired.

On top of these problems, the sewage can also contaminate or poison the soil in your crawlspace, as well as do damage to your other utility features that are housed there. The pipe needs to be repaired and the sewage cleaned up and sanitized as soon as possible in order to make your home safe to live in again.

The trained and certified technicians at Altra Dry recommend to you the best and most efficient way to cleanup and restore your crawlspace after a crawlspace sewage loss. We have the expertise, knowledge, and fast response that is key in restoring a home after a sewage incident. We’re here to minimize the amount of damage to your property with fast and thorough action. This quick response will mean that we can restore your property and dry out your crawlspace, getting it as close to its original condition as possible.

Our Process

Before the pipes can be repaired, the crawlspace sewage needs to be cleaned up. Altra Dry’s technicians specialize in sewage cleanup and can easily take care of your crawlspace sewage damage. When our technicians arrive on site, they will perform a quick assessment to analyze the situation and come up with a plan of action. They will then suit up in complete head-to-toe hazmat suits to protect themselves from the dangers that raw sewage holds. Next they will seal any mechanical systems that are housed in the crawlspace – this helps protect them from the sewage. Once that is done, they will start safely disposing of any standing sewage and waste with special equipment designed for sewage cleanup. They will also dispose of anything that has been permanently damaged in properly marked biohazard waste bins. The final step will be the complete cleaning and decontamination of your crawlspace and everything that is housed in it. Lab tests will be taken to make sure that there is no residual sewage lingering in the soil or that mold growth has happened due to the moist and humid environment the sewage created in your crawlspace.

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